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How to Prevent Counterfeiting of your Brand’s Products

Counterfeit products are products specifically made to imitate a brand to deceive consumers and profit illegally from sales. Most of the time, counterfeit goods are low in quality compared to the legitimate product. Counterfeiting is rampant in almost every industry today. From pharmaceuticals to apparel, car parts, and electronics. Products that are most affected by counterfeiting include jewelry, handbags, beauty products, computers and electronics, and shoes.

Over the last ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of counterfeit products in various markets according to research conducted by professionals. Even though a counterfeit product might look and perform the same function as the legitimate product, they tend to have a shorter shelf life. Counterfeit goods and products are also made under no legal supervision so they often go through shortcuts that might make the products dangerous for the general public. Governments have been fighting counterfeiting for years now mainly because they are illegitimate businesses. When consumers buy counterfeit products, the number of sales for the specific brand is lower which ultimately affects the profitability of the business.

An effective way of preventing counterfeiting of your company products is by deploying technology and other relevant solutions. A large number of big brands really struggle when it comes to fighting counterfeiting. These brands often have to come up with strategic moves for dealing with counterfeiters. One effective method huge brands use to fight counterfeit products is by creating awareness in the market through videos and press conferences. When the majority of the market is aware that counterfeiting is practiced in the industry, they will be more alert when purchasing products from reputable brands.

Many huge brands have been able to defeat counterfeiters by simply working with a reliable anti-counterfeit company that provides solutions. An anti-counterfeit company will be able to provide different solutions for companies that are fighting counterfeit products. But a brand might have to spend some time and resources just to find the right anti-counterfeit company to work with. Here are a few things to have in mind when choosing an anti-counterfeit company for your brand.

Make sure the anti-counterfeit company has a reputation in the industry. A reputable anti-counterfeit company will be able to offer the best solutions to your brand while also keeping your brand image intact. No brand wants to lose all the hard work they invested in creating a brand image in their specific industries. The other thing you should consider when choosing an anti-counterfeit company for your brand is how long they have been involved in the industry. Experience is one of the most important factors that every brand needs to consider when choosing a partner for any purpose. Making sure all your brand’s products are not being counterfeited is one of the most important aspects of actually running a real business today. When consumers purchase counterfeited products, they tend to get a negative image of your brand and might even consider abandoning the brand. This is why many established businesses invest millions in working with anti-counterfeit companies.

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