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Tips for Renting a Refurbished House

Renting a furnished house can be a curse or a blessing depending on the house itself. If you select well, a furnished house can save you much effort and time especially when shifting to another country. Furnished houses give tenants the gift of mobility and time, they can enjoy shifting without any hassle; just packing their personal stuff and going. Also, they are handy if you plan to be in a city for a short time because purchasing furniture is a bad idea if you will live in a city for only a few years. Usually, fully furnishes houses offer the major things that make living in a house viable while some offer what makes a house a luxurious home.

Check what amenities a house has. Renting a furnished house costs more than renting an unfurnished house and you should ensure you get the value of the money you pay. What kind of amenities are in the house? What condition and shape are they in? When you walk through the house, take a keen look at the amenities to ensure a house has all the amenities you need.

Are pets allowed? In case you have or are planning to have a pet, this is a major concern. Before you rent any furnished house, inquire about the pet policy as some houses do not allow pets at all while some only allow pets such as fish and not cats and dogs. Since you consider your pet a family member, ensure they will be allowed in your new house.

How furnished is the furnished house? Even if they all have appliances and furniture, furnished houses are not the same. Some of them only have necessities such as kitchen cabinets, beds, and sofas. Others are much decorated with lamps and carpets, among others. If this does not concern you, there is no problem but it is worth knowing what you are paying for.

Look into the quality of furniture. In most cases, the furniture in furnished houses is for durability and not luxury purposes, something that is perfectly fine. You should inspect the furniture to ascertain that it is really durable. Take a look at the chairs, mattresses, and check the sofa’s springs to note whether they wobble. Also, check the appliances to ensure they are working properly. In case the house you like has some things that are not up to par, let the landlord know and ask if they can replace or fix those things.

Factor in the security deposit. It is normal for tenants to be asked for a security deposit when they are renting a furnished house. Usually, the deposit covers for damages that the tenants can cause to the house or furniture. Before renting a house, take a walk through it with your landlord as you note the condition of everything. In addition, it is wise to include a photo and written inventory when you are moving in and out. This will save you the disappointments of being charged for things you did not damage.

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