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All On Choosing a Variable Frequency Drive for Your Needs

If you are looking for a solution to smooth operation of your motors and power reduction on the same, then you may want to go for a variable frequency drive. As you consider the alternative drives for an application, some of the general aspects you will be required to look at are the torque and the amp developed by the AC motor. For some, the horsepower of the VFD has been the most important factor to take into consideration when choosing one for their needs. Though this has been the belief for many, the horsepower isn’t to be the only thing to be concerned with when choosing a variable frequency drive as the load element must as well be taken into consideration when this is the need. The amp developed by the AC motor and the torque are some of the key issues that will define the size of the variable frequency drive that one is to go for to use for any given need of theirs. The load factor of a VFD is always given or represented in amps.

Choosing a variable frequency drive, just like it is often the case when choosing any kind of device for control, you should always be s careful and the choice for one calls for a lot of caution. You should at least have some basic knowledge about these drives for you to make the right choice for one for your needs. You need to appreciate the fact that control using a variable frequency drive is not similar to control using a control valve.

Some of the factors that you should be mindful of when choosing a variable frequency drive for your needs are such as the installation requirements, staff skills and necessary training for the use of these devices.

Mounting a variable frequency drive is not as simple as it sounds. It should be appreciated as a fact that for the best installation of these devices, the recommended manufacturer installation recommendations and the national electrical codes must as well be adhered to for the best installation going forward.

For instance, you should take into consideration the wire and cable size as you install these drives. Pay a particular attention to the need to have them mounted on shielded cables so as to ensure that their installation doesn’t cause any interference to the other plant instruments in use in the business. There may be a need for an isolation transformer or a line reactor and a such you should take a look at the power distribution and impedance to determine if at all these would be necessary.

The Essential Laws of Explained

The Essential Laws of Explained


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